Everlane Day Market



— Launch Strategy
— Event Design and Production
— Partnership Curation
— Project Management

For the launch of Everlane’s first feminine-forward shoe, the Day Heel, I conceptualized and produced the Day Market — a two-day flower and shoe shop in New York City.

Bringing through visual elements from the floral-inspired marketing campaign into the physical space, greenery installations and flower arrangements filled the naturally bright, white brick clad space, complementing the new shoe collection in color and feel.

Custom birch wood structures functioned as merchandising display for both the shoes and blooms, referencing back to the utilitarian tiered structures commonly found in flower markets. The branded shop experience was complete with on-site bouquet making, with complimentary bouquets on offer with every shoe purchase.


Project Dates — April 2017
Project Locations — 52 Kenmare Street, New York

Floral Design — Alex Brannian

Photography — Jane Kim