Everlane Under Line



— Concept Creation and Development
— Spatial and Experiential Design
— Fabrication and Production Management

Everlane’s launch of underwear — and entry into an entirely new product category for the company — called for a major brand moment. As a key part of the launch campaign, I led the experiential design for The Under Line, a two-day activation to build hype around the underwear product launch in New York City and Los Angeles.

Using the launch campaign’s bold messaging, color, and imagery as foundation for the experience, I conceptualized an exhibit-like installation for visitors to navigate and explore the marketing story come to life. I consulted for Everlane from initial concept brainstorms through spatial design development of the branded environment, and managed production for each venue through to install day.



Taking inspiration from the product itself, I designed the space using a combination of cut-out forms and curved structures arranged to reveal the experience in paced moments. A separate entrance and exit allowed for a narrative-led experience with a beginning and end, linearly unfolding the campaign story through an episodic journey of connected ‘rooms’ with interactive video, sound, and tactile moments throughout. The experience ultimately culminated in a room with two touch-screen vending machines which dispensed the new product, for free, in a matter of seconds.


Project Date — April 2018
Project Location — 52 Wooster Street, New York and 8404 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

Environmental Signage — Carla Poirer and Zara Moore

Photography — Guillermo Cano and Paulsta Wong