— Concept Creation
— Creative Direction
— Event Design and Production
— Visual Identity

Using the format of the dinner party as a platform for storytelling, Ogc NY — an event collective and dinner series founded in 2011 with my cousin, Marissa Chen — designs and produces themed gatherings rooted in concept, context, and hospitality. The result of each event — through the food, drink, and atmosphere — is the creation of singular experiences and entire worlds unto their own, brought to life by our guests. As Creative Director, I lead the visual direction for all events including the spatial, graphic, and event design of the complete experience.

For Dinner at MOUNT ROSE’S, we created the concept entirely around the context of place — a building at 93 Montrose Avenue, the lives its inhabitants lived, and the historical narratives created over time. Beginning by uncovering bits and pieces of its past with research across archival documents, tax photographs, census sheets and more, we unraveled the history of the building and Brooklyn neighborhood. Layered on with references to past and present New York-specific restaurant culture, with a nod to the evolution of social dining in America over the past century, we created Dinner at MOUNT ROSE'S as a reimagination and an homage to the place itself, and to neighborhood dining establishments of the near and distant past.


Using archival visual references as the main source of inspiration combined with my own sense of imagined nostalgia, I designed the space with references to 1930s New York dining clubs and the domestic interiors of a fictional Italian American family, complete with midcentury-era wallpaper, light fixtures, and servingware. With windows and doors opening out onto the sidewalk, the small storefront was transformed into a two-night restaurant connected physically, and conceptually, to the building’s neighborhood and surrounding community.


Project Date — May 2015
Project Location — 93 Montrose Avenue, Brooklyn

Head Chef and Menu Development — Marissa Chen

Photography — Paulsta Wong