REM Dinner



— Concept Creation
— Creative Direction
— Event Design and Production
— Visual Identity

I founded Ogc NY, an event collective and dinner series, in 2011 with my cousin Marissa Chen. Using the format of the dinner party as a platform for storytelling, we design and produce themed gatherings rooted in concept, context, and hospitality. The result of each event — through the food, drink, and atmosphere — is the creation of singular experiences and entire worlds unto their own, brought to life by our guests. As Creative Director, I lead the visual direction for all events including the spatial, graphic, and event design of the complete experience.

With REM, we were inspired by dreams and their ability to play on our emotions, experiences, and all of our senses. In designing the experience, we used geometric forms, patterns, and texture to imitate a suspension of reality and convey how a dream can feel so tangible yet fleeting. Nestled in the showroom of Patina Vintage Rentals, vintage pieces and relics from days past set as an ethereal backdrop; the coursed meal was an exercise in subliminal pacing, crescendoes and waves, marked by an element of the surreal. 


Project Date — April 2014
Project Location — 7 Saint Nicholas Avenue, Brooklyn

Menu Development — Marissa Chen

Photography — Matt Schiels